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Education: The SNCF Foundation continues its drive



The new 2016 – 2020 roadmap heralds an innovative shift in the area of education, one of the Foundation’s historical causes.


Two new subjects

Education is the cornerstone of better co-existence. It provides individuals with the means to grow and to find their place in society. Reading, writing, and arithmetic are basic skills that many young people still haven’t always mastered on leaving school. “Illiteracy, and now digital illiteracy, are barriers to integration”, explains Marianne Eshet. The SNCF Foundation is a major advocate in the fight against illiteracy in France, and is broadening its scope to include mastery of the Internet, an essential skill to get by in life today. The Foundation also focuses on raising awareness of science and technology, inspiring young people’s curiosity, and helping them understand the world around them.


1st call for a new generation of projects

The SNCF Foundation is capitalising on 8 years of experience gained via its “Entre les lignes” literacy programme, and revising its way of working to bring new life to the initiative.
The project scope has been broadened to include digital. The Foundation backs projects that demonstrate the potential of digital technology as an alternative educational tool to reignite 11 to 15 year-olds’ desire to learn, or to help them interpret information and analyse results.
Grant applications can now be submitted throughout the year (, providing more flexibility to associations.
The launch is planned for mid-April 2016.