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Marianne ESHET

Managing Director of the SNCF Foundation

It's crucial that we learn to live together.


In the wake of the tragic events of the 13th November 2015, grief has given way to a collective desire to take action. The SNCF Foundation is determined to continue its combat.

The events of the 7th January 2015 were a wake-up call, but those of the 13th November plunged us into a state of emergency. These tragic events strengthen the SNCF Foundation’s resolution to take action, faster, everywhere, every day.


What we know today


It’s urgent to connect with young people, to listen to them, to understand them, to help them, and to give them an opportunity to find their place in today’s society. It’s in the heart of our communities that problems take root, and it’s in the heart of these very communities that our actions have the greatest impact. We are convinced that the SNCF Foundation’s decision to support inter-association projects and encourage dynamic collaboration is the right decision. There is so much to do, and so little time. We will need everyone’s help, energy and goodwill. We believe that skill-sponsorship, involving all employees across France, is instrumental in achieving our goal.


Fighting the good fight

The fight against illiteracy has been our priority since 2009, and the SNCF Foundation is today one of France’s major literacy advocates. Partnerships with four national voluntary networks have helped nearly one thousand projects take shape in the heart of local communities. The Foundation encourages teams to support initiatives that combat ignorance, school dropout, and other segregations that constitute breeding grounds for crime and radicalisation. "Better co-existence by respecting and sharing our differences" has been the SNCF Foundation’s second focus since 2011. In three years, 180 projects, carried out in collaboration with 500 associations, involving 12,000 young people from all over France, have benefited from the Foundation’s support. These projects bring together populations that rarely mix, do not get along, or barely tolerate each other.
Learning to appreciate our differences is the only way to live in peace and in harmony in our country. Let’s dare to take action, now. Our future depends on it.