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A history of commitment

The SNCF Foundation has been supporting association projects for over 20 years. Its actions focus on two key issues: solidarity and young people. A look back at some of the highlights.



1995-2000: acknowledging railwaymen’s volunteer work

The solidarity of railwaymen isn’t just a myth. In 1995, the company decides to acknowledge and support employees’ voluntary work, with the creation of the Coups de coeur solidaires. The Fondation Solidarité SNCF is launched under the patronage of the Fondation de France, responsible for its management. The annual budget stands at €150,000.


2001-2005: gaining maturity

In 2001, the Fondation Solidarité SNCF becomes a corporate foundation. It gains independence, but its fundamental purpose remains unchanged: "to encourage and support the voluntary work of current and former railwaymen in the area of solidarity". Funding reaches €700,000 per year. The Foundation becomes a member of Admical, the reference in corporate philanthropy.


2006-2010: taking on a local dimension

The creation of the Pôle Sociétal, a network of 22 regional correspondents, anchors the Foundation in the heart of local communities, and renders it accessible to the wider voluntary sector. The annual budget increases to two million euros. Efforts focus on social and educational initiatives, targeting young people in four key areas: the fight against illiteracy, education through sport, European mobility, and employment support.


2011-2015: time for innovation

The name is simplified, and the Fondation Solidarité SNCF becomes the Fondation SNCF (The SNCF Foundation). The annual budget increases from 2 to 3 million euros. The Foundation redefines its mission - "to help young people build their own future" - and updates its focus. The fight against illiteracy remains a priority, along with fostering better co-existence, and mobility-related entrepreneurship. Three innovations mark this five-year period: the launch of the skill-sharing programme; the Foundation’s first steps abroad; and the development of co-construction between associations, as well as with other philanthropists.


2016-2020: a widely recognised corporate philanthropist

The 2015 terrorist attacks incite the SNCF Foundation to dedicate its efforts to one great cause: better co-existence. The coming together of SNCF, SNCF Mobilités, SNCF Réseau, SNCF Logistics, and Keolis brings a Group dimension to the Foundation and boosts its annual budget to five million euros. Education, culture, and solidarity, the cornerstones of better co-existence, become its three priorities. Drawing on past experience, the Foundation decrees local involvement and co-construction as founding principles, and relies more than ever on employee engagement, via the extension of the skill-sharing programme across the SNCF Group.