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Culture, to awaken the mind and the senses

Culture broadens horizons. It provides common reference points that bring people together and unite them in a vision of a shared and diverse society. The SNCF Foundation endeavours to provide all young people with the opportunity to discover cultural expressions that awaken the senses and open the mind.




From classical and urban music, to Molière or street theatre, Art provides common reference points in terms of era, tradition, or school of thought. Each performance incites individual emotions, as well as a collective experience, bringing people closer together and uniting them in a multi-faceted vision of society.

Young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods rarely study in conservatoires, actors of ethnic origin are seldom chosen for lead roles in theatre productions, and stage musicals are generally more popular than citizenship initiative lobbies. Culture opens the mind, but has yet to open its doors to the great, diverse majority.
In its quest for better co-existence, the SNCF Foundation encourages initiatives that promote wider access to culture, the practice of an artistic discipline, or artistic creation.


Access to culture

Music, theatre and art in general, the SNCF Foundation shares the artistic emotions that bring us together. It forges multi-year partnerships with major players in the performing arts world committed to social issues.


Practice of a performing arts discipline

Conservatoire, prestigious school or stage, the SNCF Foundation breaks down the barriers that make it difficult for young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods or rural areas to practice a performing artistic discipline. The Foundation forges multi-year partnerships with influential performing arts specialists dedicated to community involvement, such as the Démos project or the Théâtre de la Colline "diversity" Master Classes.



Support for performance creation

Opera, theatre or dance, the SNCF Foundation supports performances that connect people from all walks of life, celebrating diversity on stage, as well as in the audience. It forges multi-year partnerships with major advocates of cultural and artistic outreach, such as the Festival d’Avignon and the Fabrique Opéra.