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Helping young people find their place in society

Education is the basis of human development. It provides individuals with the means to grow, to think for themselves, and to build their own future. The SNCF Foundation helps those with vulnerable education backgrounds acquire the necessary knowledge to take their place in society.

Reading, writing, arithmetic, and use of digital technology are essential skills to get ahead in life, to understand the world around us, and find our place in society. They are dependent on a solid educational background. In France however, 110,000 young people leave school each year without mastering basic skills, and 2.5 million are illiterate, an invisible disability that limits their autonomy in day-to-day life and hinders their access to digital tools. These factors hamper young people’s access to knowledge, hinder their integration, foment segregation, and leave them prey to all kinds of influence.

To help young people find their place in society, the SNCF Foundation supports educational programmes focusing on mastery of basic knowledge and awareness of science and technology.



Mastery of reading, writing, and arithmetic is one of the historical causes of the SNCF Foundation. The SNCF Foundation is a major advocate in the fight against illiteracy in France. Since 2009, the Foundation has supported nearly 900 community projects, instilling a love of words from infancy to adolescence.
889 associations have received nearly 7 million euros of funding since 2009, with 6 national partnerships forged, and the creation of l’Alliance pour l’Education to fight against school dropout. The SNCF Foundation believes that digital technology is an excellent educational tool to help reignite adolescents’ desire to learn. Digital is also fast becoming a skill to be mastered in its own right. The SNCF Foundation supports initiatives that highlight the diverse educational content accessible via this new media, as well as raise awareness of associated risks and excesses.



The goal of Les sciences aiguisent la curiosité, the Foundation’s new educational programme, is to encourage young people to question and understand the world around them. The programme gives participants the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of researchers and discoverers.

The SNCF Foundation strives to introduce young people to science and technology through experimentation, discussion, and contextualisation. Exploration, manipulation, and discovery of the odyssey of life science encourage them to ask questions, to take a step back, and to think for themselves.