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The SNCF Foundation: working together for a better co-existence

The SNCF Foundation is taking on one of today’s great causes and becoming a Group to make a difference faster.

20 years of commitment


Since its creation in 1995, the SNCF Foundation has grown, its actions have evolved, and employees have joined the initiative via the skills-sharing programme. The five-year term of 2016-2020 opened in a context of unprecedented social fracture. Today, the SNCF Foundation is taking on a new challenge.



Diversity is an asset

In its role as a major multimodal mobility operator in cities and regions across the world, the SNCF brings people together, in all their diversity. The company has decided to make the quest for better co-existence the central focus of its Foundation.


3 core themes, 3 driving forces

The SNCF Foundation supports projects that promote diversity and exchange in three core areas of citizenship: Education, Culture, and Solidarity. To maximise the effectiveness of its actions, the Foundation operates in the heart of local communities, galvanises SNCF employees, and encourages co-construction between associations, as well as with other companies.

Co-existence is not something that is decreed: it must be built. We need to act now.

Marianne Eshet, Managing Directof of the SNCF Foundation.

A new Group dimension


SNCF, SNCF Mobilités, SNCF Réseau, SNCF Logistics and Keolis join the SNCF Foundation.

We want each of our 250,000 employees to make this foundation theirs and to take pride in its results.

Jacques Rapoport, President of the SNCF Foundation, CEO of SNCF Réseau.