25/04/2019 International


To mark the launch of Morocco’s first high-speed train line, the SNCF Foundation has established partnerships with two local associations: the SANADY Foundation provides academic support for schoolchildren and the INJAZ association fosters the development of social entrepreneurship amongst young people.


Providing academic support with the Sanady Foundation

The SANADY Foundation works to improve academic performance and reduce dropout rates in public schools − an ambition that is whole-heartedly shared by the SNCF Foundation. The three-year partnership (2016-2019) focuses on developing children’s skills in French and Maths. Almost 200 pupils from two primary schools and one middle school in Morocco’s Kenitra region have benefited from the initiative, and the results are encouraging: in two years, grades have increased by 20% in French and by 58% in Maths. The deployment of the ‘Machine à lire’ (The Reading Machine), developed by the renowned linguist Alain Bentolila and his team, has contributed to this success.

Encouraging social entrepreneurship with INJAZ

INJAZ works to strengthen links between the academic and the corporate worlds, instilling a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship amongst young people. Girls and boys aged from 16 to 18 have the opportunity to participate in a three-year social entrepreneurship programme. Their mission is to develop practical solutions to resolve social issues in specific neighbourhoods or vulnerable communities. 1,500 young people have participated in the citizenship initiative so far and 40 projects have been developed, including a winning solution that helps simplify everyday life for the disabled.


SNCF in Morocco


The Kingdom of Morocco has entrusted the SNCF Group to build the country’s first high-speed train line. With trains travelling at speeds of up to 320 km/h, the new line will reduce journey times between Tanger and Casablanca from 4 hours and 45 minutes, to just 2 hours and 10 minutes. The first 200km stretch between Tanger and Kenitra was launched on 15 November 2018, heralding the debut of a long-term partnership between the ONCF (Moroccan National Railway Company) and the SNCF Group. The collaboration will also see the co-creation of two centres of excellence: an ‘Institut de Formation Ferroviaire’ (Railway Training Centre) which will train 5,000 technicians each year; and a maintenance workshop for the high-speed double-decker trains, managed by a team of 15 experts from the SNCF.

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